About me

Before joining Monzo, I was UX Lead at nez – a startup using bluetooth beacons to help people save money and discover new food and drink spots across London.

Prior to that, I worked on the Experience team at AKQA for clients including Coutts Bank, Volvo and Amazon. Other startups I have worked with include ClearScore, Intruder & Minute Shorts.

My journey as a designer began in Architecture – after graduating from Cambridge University I worked in an architect's office for several years before going digital. Cities, urbanism and the way we use space still fascinate me, and I am always particularly interested in digital projects engaged with these topics. 

Design heroes

Here are a few of the designers that have had a big impact on my thinking as a designer. They're not all digital, you'll find architects, furniture makers and industrial designers here too.

  •  Adrien Zumbrunnen
  • Bruno Mari
  • David Rose
  • Dieter Rams
  • Donald Norman
  • Eileen Gray
  • Louis Kahn
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • Marie-José Van Hee
  • Pattie Moore
  • Sara Little Turnbull
  • Victor Papanek

Design reading list

These are some of the design books that have been important to me in my career so far.

  • A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander
  • Design for the Real World – Victor Papanek
  • Design as Art – Bruno Mari
  • Enchanted Objects – David Rose
  • Experiencing Architecture – Steen Eiler Rasmussen
  • Nairn's London – Ian Nairn
  • Radical technologies: the design of everyday life – Adam Greenfield
  • Shaping Things – Frank Chimero
  • The Craftsman – Richard Sennett
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Donald Norman
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • Vers une Architecture – Le Corbusier

Want to chat about any of these books, or have a recommendation for something I should be reading? Feel free to send me an email with the button below.