About me

I've been working at Monzo Bank since January 2021 on their two paid accounts, Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium. My team has been working hard on ways to help people manage their money and budget better.

Before joining Monzo I was UX Lead at nez – a startup pioneering bluetooth-beacon-enabled food and drink offers across London. Prior to that, I worked on the Experience Design team at AKQA for clients including Coutts Bank, Volvo and Amazon. Other startups I have worked with include ClearScore, Intruder & Minute Shorts.

My journey as a designer began in Architecture – after graduating from Cambridge University I worked in an architect's office for several years before going digital. Cities, urbanism and the way we use space still fascinate me, and I am always particularly interested in digital projects that are engaged with these topics. 

Design heroes

Here are a few of the designers that have had a big impact on my thinking as a designer. They're not all digital, you'll find architects, furniture makers and industrial designers here too.

  •  Adrien Zumbrunnen
  • Bruno Mari
  • David Rose
  • Dieter Rams
  • Donald Norman
  • Eileen Gray
  • Louis Kahn
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • Marie-José Van Hee
  • Pattie Moore
  • Sara Little Turnbull
  • Victor Papanek

I've written about many of these designers in my fortnightly newsletter Design Lobster. You can see recent editions and sign up here

Design reading list

These are some of the design books that have been important to me in my career so far.

  • A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander
  • Design for the Real World – Victor Papanek
  • Design as Art – Bruno Mari
  • Enchanted Objects – David Rose
  • Experiencing Architecture – Steen Eiler Rasmussen
  • Nairn's London – Ian Nairn
  • Radical technologies: the design of everyday life – Adam Greenfield
  • Shaping Things – Frank Chimero
  • The Craftsman – Richard Sennett
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Donald Norman
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • Vers une Architecture – Le Corbusier

Want to chat about any of these books, or have a recommendation for something I should be reading? Do get in touch.